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These Rules Are For Your Protection - As Well As To Promote Your Enjoyment Of Our Facility

  • Cold Range - the range is only considered "cold" when:

    1. all firing has ceased.

    2. firearms have been laid down, unloaded with actions open and Magazines removed.

    3. all shooters verbally acknowledge a cold range.

    4. check with the other shooters to be sure that all firearms are unloaded and grounded (laid down)

    5. the red safety rope must be up and secured before anyone is allowed to proceed down ranage. "no exceptions" do not handle any firearms, magazines or ammunition at this time.

  • Hot Range - the range is only considered "hot" when:

    1. all participants have returned behind the firing line.

    2. all participants verbally acknowledge that the range is going into a "hot" status.

    3. only then can firearms be handled and firing may commence.

    4. no one may proceed forward of the firing line.

  • Cease Fire! - this command is given when any unsafe act or condition is witnessed. Anyone can call "cease fire".

Please ask if you have any questions! Thank you and have fun!

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