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Santa Rosa Shooting Center offers different levels of instruction for all of the shooting disciplines from the Beginner to the Master Level shooters.

Safety Instructors:


Paul Averill

Paul is the Chief Firearms Instructor, NRA/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Hunter Safety Instructor, and NSSF. He also teaches courses in Women and Youth Introduction, Concealed Weapons, First Step, Advanced Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Muzzleloader, CRSO, and Refuse To Be A Victim. Paul is the Area Coordinator for Fish and Wildlife Hunter Safety Courses.

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Sporting Clay Instructors:

Bill Thompson

Bill is a Certified Level I NSCA Instructor for Sporting Clays and Wingshooting and introduction to Skeet and Trap Shooting. 

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Perry Johnson

Perry is a Certified Level I (AL) NSCA Sporting Clays Instructor and Referee, specializing in instruction for beginner and intermediate level shooters. Perry schedules appointments in advance for visiting sessions at Santa Rosa. 

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Rob Womack

Rob is a Certified Level I NSCA Sporting Clays Instructor. He welcomes novice to advanced shooters. Rob's motto: "Be safe and have fun." 

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Charles Wade

Certified Level I NSCA Sporting Clays Instructor.

He enjoys working with all age groups.


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Skeet Instructors:

Gregory Duda

Greg is a NSSA Level I Instructor

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Brad West

Brad is a Certified Level I NSSA Instructor

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Jeff Brown

Jeff is a Certified Level II NSSA Instructor

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